The history of discovery and exploration

The first president of the club Speleologists "Cyclops" Professor Savchin MP

     Major efforts Lviv speleosektsiya newly formed "Cyclops" concentrated in the Transdniestrian skirts, unique cave region of Ukraine.
It is on the search and exploration of new caves in the area and was sent to the activity of Lviv cavers.
     "If the cave and there, we dig it" - seriously joking stubborn "Cyclops."
     And still they dug. May 8, 1966 Alex Solarium and Myron Savchin, dug six-meter clay "cap" on the bottom of the hopper timber in the forest near the village of Korolivki and for the first time penetrated into an unknown cave maze. This was the famous cave of "Optimistic". 40 years of research, this unique cave allowed to map the maze of over 238 kilometers. Cave of the total length of moves reliably ranks first in Europe and second in the world, second only to Mammoth Cave in the USA (Kentucky).

But try to return to the origins of the story.

    May 6, 1966 at the edge of the funnel was placed a mysterious tent and two experienced diggers went to work. Alex Solarium, cooked a special tray, with which we are two days "were" about 6 feet of siphon and ended up in the first expansion of the cave.
Alex Solyar slowly squeezed into a narrow "throat" of the underground manhole. I lie spread-eagled on wet clay in a horizontal slit and anxiously listening, as my friend is moving forward. You can hear heavy breathing concentrated. Then it stopped, and after a long and tense moment of silence, came the muffled cry of joy: "Boss, I'm in a cave!" It was resolved the first meters of the giant maze. It happened May 8, 1966 at 14:00.
The Code allows you to stand up. We pass on his feet a few meters. Next - the first branching. Before we turn to the left ("left-hand glove"), move straight and turn right.
I can not describe our feelings when, after a hundred-meter twisted manhole, where walking on all fours crawling alternated with on their bellies, we were in a system of high net corridors embedded in a dark honey thick plaster.
More and more branches. We begin to realize that opened a huge labyrinth of many kilometers.
Go corridors, which have not yet set foot human leg. Hard to resist the temptation to look for even one turn, but in time I remember that care - one of the important qualities of caver.

Here is a copy of the "memorandum", which I gave the head of the Lviv regional council on tourism after returning from our trip:

Head of Lviv Regional Council of Tourism that of David N.
from the head section of cavers Savchin MP


May 6 a group of cavers in our section of Savchin M. and G. Solari went to the area of ​​Podolia in Ternopil region to exploration of new caves.
During excavations in the crater area Borschovskom May 8 we were able to get into a brand new, no one is still an unknown system of underground cavities. The first study showed that revealed the cave is a large part of the underground labyrinth, located in thick plaster.
For 5 hours in the cave we went about 400 yards moves and halls. After 100-150 m tyazheloprohodimogo manhole (which will be deepened), we entered into the system of large corridors and halls. The many branches allow us to conclude that the total length of the cave is at least 3-5 km.
Exploration in the area above the cave revealed the possible existence in the area of ​​the maze, the length of several tens of kilometers.
We ask you to provide special equipment and transport for a complete investigation of a new underground labyrinth.

The head section of speleologists "Cyclops" Savchin MP 05/12/1966


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