The total length of the region - 20.9 km, the relative amount of - 3.65.
To the north of the borough, "Lake" district extends "Zaozerny." This is the most spacious area of ​​the cave. With the "Lake District" this area is associated with only two moves. In the southern part there arose a continuous karst, large rooms are often littered with large chunks of plaster. The average height of this part of the cave reaches 4-5 feet (meeting rooms, "Dangerous", "Conference"). Further north up the floor so that at times have to walk on all fours. Another set of caves up north, creating a system of many kilometers of beautiful halls and art galleries: Halls of the "Central," Alexandrina, "The Western Wall, the gallery of" Alice "gift" of the Black Queen, "" 44th Expedition, "and many others. This area is in no way inferior to its primeval beauty and the best new-found areas in the far south of the cave, "Sunshine."
In 1985 the efforts of Igor Malyavskogo been found continued "Zaozerny" area on its eastern border - subdistrict "Mirage". There are a lot lower, sometimes broad strokes the basement, there are two small lakes. Their northern passages "Mirage" rests on the side of the beam surface, there can often see fresh moves zamyvy surface water flows.

The length of "Zaozerny" area is 28.2 km, the specific volume - 3.44 (the specific volume of the area is less than in the "Lake" due to the low moves "Mirage").
The cave is "Wind" has been known for a long-daven their mass graves human bones in the near side of the entrance (the victims of Turkish raids?). In 1961 a plan of this cave was made by Victor Dublyansky, George and Igor Chernysh Bachinsky - members of a complex karst expedition SSR for 1.4 km. In 1974 Clay was passed at the end of the siphon 400-meter course of deadlock and opened the continuation of the cave. Through the efforts of J. Harhalisa, A. Medvedev, as well as dry winds and Odessa L. O. Sukhomlina in 1974 - 1976 years length of the "wind" was brought up to 6 km of 25 m with the same time continued to search for connections "wind" from "Sunshine" . May 3, 1977 during the works already mentioned above, 39 of the expedition, and Luda Bikovskoy Chepenyuk Natalie was the first to go into the cave "wind" and go through the cave, "Optimistic."
Thus was inaugurated the second entrance to the cave, "Optimistic," which combined the "Wild North", "old" district through difficult "antenna" in the near part of the cave, "Wind." Tourists would be interesting northern part of the "wind" - "Northern Crown" - a system of galleries and halls in places of their intersection, but hard-to 400-meter "polzovoy" approach to these areas makes them inaccessible.

The length of the region, "Wind" is 6 km, '25 Specific volume - 2.8.
In December 1978, he was open area "Fresh Water". This is the only area of ​​"Optimistic", rich with water. It is located on the north-west of the region, "Globe", and is associated with only one move in the hall "molecule." This area is characterized by large associations meredialnyh galleries and narrow lateral moves.
Interesting place - this lake, "Lake Balaton" gallery "Tom Sawyer", "Navigator". The total length of the area is 21 km, the relative amount of - 1.93.
A very interesting area of ​​"Anaconda" - to the era of great discoveries in the south of "Sunshine" was the closest area of ​​the cave. He was suspended from a 300-foot "antenna" "Milky Way" with a small maze to its end. Only 4 May 1977 during the 39th expedition. Dvuhsotmetrovy hole cavers led into a maze of passages, lavishly decorated with crystal druses.

In January 1988, cavers found a great extension to the east and west of the old "Anaconda." Then from the newly opened galleries all amazed by its size and framing gallery "Vladimir Vysotsky", which allowed to bypass inaccessible hole in the area.
To investigate the newly discovered labyrinths created quite a comfortable camp "Spider" at the entrance to "Anaconda." However there was no water near, and had brought her from the audience, "Yu.Averbaha."
In the future, broke through the screen moves and managed to open the lower manhole incredible underground wonders, which made these areas more "revealing" in "Sunshine." But even this they will tell ...
So, from the end of the 80s study "Optimistic" continue under the leadership of old and new "Cyclops." He was lucky and found a grand continuation of the labyrinth of caves in the south with fantastic prospects.
At least two generations of cavers were brought up on a study of the cave. Thus, we have created the "optimistic" and "Optimistic" created us.


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