The first underground breakfast was fun.
That's the first output of film crews on their ranges ...
Who among us would not like to first enter into the magic room, where ever and ever yet set foot human leg, the first walk anybody not seen the corridor!
Complex, contradictory feelings are my friends: We are pleased that were able to subdue such a huge cave, and we are sorry that it ended so suddenly.
Over? No one knows. After all, the "Wild North" on the map of the maze is still left over a dozen strokes with the eloquent signs of issues. And who knows, there will not be opened for one of these new areas, as has happened many times, not in vain our cave bears the name of "Optimistic". There will be new quests, new expedition, and we strongly believe that there will be great new discovery.
These thoughts return us to a cheerful mood, and despite the physical fatigue after a day of rock climbing, caving slazit with spin "turtles" full of hope to participate in the new underground journeys and adventures.
The fourth day was devoted to the underground life of conservation camps and preparing for the exit to the surface, which was scheduled for 1.30 the next morning. To improve the trails on the surface of a group of two-Sachs and Chief went to the road works. They were able to more or less fitted with a maze of passages in the grotto of the "Four."
And, finally, the last "line". The spacious gallery "Cyclops" lined up all the members of the expedition. Chef brings the results of short-VIII expedition "Cyclops" and the first underground camps from the map about a mile of new passages, galleries and grottos. The total length of the cave "Optimistic" rose to 20 kilometers, 350 meters.
The cave is solidly entrenched in 2nd place among the longest caves in the USSR and in second place among the world's longest gypsum caves. Under the gloomy vaults of the gallery last anthem cavers ...
In our time, in such a densely populated area like skirts, such discoveries are rare. God can see the cave was particularly good for us ...
At the moment, the length of the explored caves "Optimistic" is 238 km. By its very length of the cave is the first in the world of gypsum caves and the second - in absolute length, second only to Mammoth.
A few words about the cave, "optimistic" that club "Cyclops" is grateful to its many achievements.

Thus, the cave is horizontal, labirintovovogo type, planted in the 20-25 meter thick gypsum at a depth of 60-80 meters, and consists of eighteen relatively isolated areas, interconnected by one or more passages. A constant temperature mode, 8-9 degrees Celsius in parts privhodovoy (Grotto "Royal") and 10-11 in the depths of the labyrinth.
The first area that was opened, was called "old." It is connected to the surface of the 100 meter course, manhole, a long time, it was common entrance to the maze (to connect to a nearby cave, "wind"). The very entrance to the cave in 1982, was moved through tunnels from the bottom of the funnel in a more convenient place - on the slope of the ravine, where it is not flooded with spring flooding. Our entry was concreted and equipped with a steel door. However, almost completely flooded around the entrance hole we have been able only in the winter of 2006, when it was completed many years of digging a parallel passage, "The left glove."
The northern part of the district is the so-called subdistrict "Wild North", located in narrow vertical and slightly inclined cracks. In the "old" area is not large halls and galleries, there is no crystal druses. Its length - 9.9 km, the specific volume - 1.24 (the ratio of the cave to its length).

In the south-west of the "old" area of ​​the district is the "Globes". For the first time there are wide, well washed with water Gallery: "Cyclops," "Speleologists," "Forever Young", "Sofia". In this area, first in gypsum caves have been equipped with an underground assault camp - in the galleries of "Cyclops" and "Speleologists." The water in the cave have not yet found, and it had to bear from the surface. In some cases, small local area placers crystals. The total length of the area is 10.6 km, the relative amount of - 1.83.
Further west, with the advancement of the south, is "Central" region. The only move that connects it to the area, "Globes". This is the largest area of ​​the cave. Its length is 47.9 km, the relative amount of - 2.32. Interesting here is the gallery "Milky Way", "Shevchenko," Hall "Yuri Averbakh." In the hall, "Yu Averbuch, "the first time in the cave was discovered a perennial lake, which enabled him to equip the next two assault camp -" Eighteen Barn "and" Prague. " There also has been found yet another Crynychka - "Madonovskaya water."

In the northern part of the "Central" region has been a unique experiment conducted by binding to the surface of underground cavities. On the approaches to the 'Krakow' Gallery, 150 meters north of the camp "Barn and a half" - and on the surface - near the road to Zalischiki, on the edge of the forest Korolivskogo by geologists had drilled the 75-meter borehole.
To the west of the "Central" area of ​​the district is "Far". It was opened May 8, 1971 for the development of this area were equipped with assault camp, "Far" and "Sivaya mare." Length of 26.5 km area, the specific volume - 2.94.
The western part of the cave area okantovyvaet "Lake."
Open May 4, 1972 during the expedition of 21 works. A characteristic feature of this area is the large number of moves with a smooth, spacious, not cluttered blocks of gypsum clay floor, clean, honey-brown mosaic walls, Druze of crystals, and most importantly - three underground lakes in the room "Aqua Vita". Not far outside of this room was equipped with assault camp in a cave, "Sunshine" - "Camp Lake."


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