A month later, near the entrance to the new cave, called by us "Optimistic", located speleoekspeditsii first camp, organized caving "Cyclops." It began long-term study of the cave, making topographic plan of the maze.
Finally, the cavers club "Cyclops" get a real job. So it is our time!
For two days it was filmed in 1345 meters of the cave, significantly improved approaches to major areas toposemok, identified promising areas and the main lines of the maze.
The second expedition to the cave, "Optimistic" was organized with a third on August 18, 1966. Camp life was quite specific: every day, at 9 am and diamonds, making the journal entry in the camp of the check return time and area of ​​work for 8-14 hours cavers descended into the dungeon.
In the evening at our camp in the light of candles chiefs crews finish work desk. Here the names of new born grottoes and galleries. After this expedition, it was found that the length of the cave reached 6333 meters! According to the classification known pescheroveda, Professor G. D. Maksimovic, "Optimistic," took the sixth place among the caves of the Soviet Union.
From 2 to 8 November 1966 in the new maze worked third expedition team "Cyclops."
Each time fewer and fewer unexplored passages. After four days of the total length of the cave is 8976 meters. But research has not yet been completed. There will be new expeditions and new unseen by anyone kilometers underground palaces. It is not in vain we called our cave, "Optimistic."
And, indeed, to wait for next season, we did not, and gather in the way of a cold winter, 14-17 January 1977. There were six.
Managed to break through the "Book" - an inclined crack in a maze of dead ends to the west and open a new area - "Globes". It was the first breakthrough for the perimeter of the cave, which is "closed." Such "closings" will be much, but they are ahead ...
At the invitation of the Lviv club "Cyclops" from August 16 to September 2, 1967, we visited a group of Bulgarian "pechernyakov" under the direction of Sofia Climate Burin student club "Academic."
For 10-12 hours a day, we spent under the ground, on topographic and raskopochnyh robots.
Cavers especially appreciate the blue sky, green forests, fields of space ... I have never seen people other than members of underground travel, which would be seriously discussed in the smell of the sun ...
And no matter what miracles are not granted the us underground, we are happy when we leave the surface and can share their discoveries with friends.

At first we thought that we actually end up a plan of the cave, "Sunshine" - with each output to film groups, fewer and fewer questions on the card remained unanswered. But on the third day of shooting, as always, the group was lucky to Valery Vasilyev. Together with the Bulgarians Lily Vasilyeva and Zhora Antonov they were able to penetrate the perimeter of the cave in the south - there was a new area with lots of unknowns turns. On the same day they opened the 65-meter gallery "Forever Young."
Together, the card was dealt a further 3 kilometers 190 meters of moves and galleries. This resulted in a total length of the cave "Optimistic" and 18 kilometers 885 meters and allowed to take 2nd place in the caves of Ukraine and the second largest among the gypsum caves.
It was a great success Lviv cavers "Cyclops." Of course, our research on this cave, "Optimistic" is not over.
Started her job VIII expedition "Cyclops." The purpose of the expedition - the continuation of the cave drawing topographic plan "Optimistic", which was opened last year.
At this time, taking into account previous experience and very cool weather, we decided to split the base camp for the first time under the ground in a remote labyrinth of galleries - Gallery "Cyclops."
10:00 30 minutes lasted our underground journey to getting to camp.


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