Excursion to the cave Uhryniv

Two kilometers to the west of the entrance to the cave Mlynki on the right bank of the same Mlynochkov, in the outskirts of the village Ugryn be a large crater at the bottom of which blackens the entrance to the cave Ugrynskuyu.

Slightly stooped, get in the entrance hall "lobby", which stretches for 20 meters deep into the mountains.

Near the cave Ugrynskoy known since the first half of the 20th century. The history of this cave opening. On the mountain was mined gypsum, he blurts out, and milled into flour, which was used in construction. For the landlord of the Pan Potocki gypsum stone produced various ornaments: ashtrays, jewelry boxes, statues. Workers who mined gypsum, punched a small hole in the mountain, but did not pay attention to him.

In 1934, a local school teacher Otetsky interested in this hole in the mountain. He dug it and got into a huge underground hall.

Since 1935 the cave was completely accessible to tourists. At the entrance gate set, which found the inscription: "Entrance to the underground labyrinths - paid." In a cave containing a charged conductor, who conducted tours of the cave entrance tickets.


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