Excursion to the cave of Atlantida

The cave is located in the picturesque slopes of the valley of the river near the village of Zbruch Zavalye Kamenetz-Podolsk district of Khmelnitsky region.

Legend has it that the top of the slope above the cave, which once stood a small church. Once she "sank" into the ground in the karsts collapse, after which the village and was named covered. On the cave did not know then, but people understand that these phenomena are associated with voids in the ground.

In the 50s in the slope of the valley was laid quarry for the extraction of gypsum. How long he lasted, as 18 santimeters thicker plaster were many large and small voids. In the pit wall was a few cave openings, long time did not attract anyone's attention.

In 1968, young Kiev cavers explored these holes. For one of them was a small cave, ending clay deadlocks. To dig a move that seemed promising cavers, it took several expeditions. Finally, in the summer of 1969 multimeter excavation led to the large hall, which began a large cave system. Even a cursory examination revealed the first of its unusual nature. Clear sculptural forms passages and halls, arranged in three tiers, a great number of fine gypsum crystals of various shapes and colors.


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