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One of the amazing miracles that are so generous nature of Ternopol region - known around the world today Optimistic Cave.

Millions of years she hid her secrets in the depths of the Transnistrian Podolia, and was opened in Lviv in 1966 cavers. Optimistic Cave - huge karsts cavity along its length competes with renowned Flint Ridge-Mammoth (USA).

238 kilometres of its labyrinth of rooms are located, galleries and quaint winding meanders move. Even the boldest imagination could not tell the imagination, what secrets hide the depths of the Transnistrian Podolia, what wonders await you under the ground!

You will be amazed extraordinary landscape of the cave, a variety of unique sinter and crystal formations. This route is a stone sky will remain in your memory for a lifetime.

Back in 1966, the month of May, the two most stubborn optimist Lviv cavers "Cyclops" are in a new and unknown cavity in the ground. And from that moment the cave does not tire of surprise and delight of their researchers.

Once the cave entrance walk out the door immediately find yourself in anything that does not seem underworld.

The input area of the cave the cave is not shining holiday decorations. This area is like a mountain, and the old man saw a lot of victories and defeats. This area is beautiful in its own way. This cave is quiet, full of grandeur and simple. Gallery of the "Jubilee" - the 10th anniversary of cavers "Cyclops".

Gallery of "Forever Young" - the age-old desire to acquire eternal youth potion and it is desirable to invent a perpetual motion machine.

Hall "Cyclops" - a sign of gratitude to those who, overcome fatigue and a sense of danger for millions of people discovered the unique world of fairy cave. This place is the first base camp, who dared to put the cavers in the cave.

Our way lies between huge boulders and rock pillars - the remnants of landslides that shook the cave in ancient times. After passing through the dam fall into the "Central" area of the cave.

In the "central" area of unusual dense maze. The next move again divided into two or even three. Corridors that are already lower, wider and taller, unusual and wild chaos gloomy caves.

District "Gentry." Sight does not sink into the dark void, and all the more and more often on some of the underground wonder. A gallery of "Radio Deluxe" like "Diamond Fund", the gallery around the cave created a mineralogical museum. Crystal formation of various kinds, and they are wildly diverse in form and colour.

Calcite crystals - bunches of underground "flowers."

Sinters - usually the most massive education. Imagination is easy to recognize the numerous "beards", "comb" and other fruits of creativity, sometimes explicitly dwarfs belonging to a caring, and sometimes some larger and more gloomy subterranean creatures.

Diffusers or transparent single crystals of gypsum. The mystery remains growth Alit formation of these crystals of gypsum. Why they do not grow as those surrounding the crystals, it remains a scientific mystery.

Helictites - an unexpected richness of cave grottoes optimistic. Pioneers did not think that such education is possible in the gypsum caves. This miracle was "property" of limestone caves. Among them, no two are alike. On average, they reach ten centimetres but there are also large.

Helictites - mysterious cave formation. It is still not clear why the crystals grow against gravity sideways, up, not down! It is believed that the main role in the formation of gelektit playing surface tension in the droplets of water. Grow these unique stone colours are extremely slow.

The area of the hall, "Averbakh" and "Camp Gray mare" - it seems that the cave was brighter: the walls have changed color. This is the lower floors of the caves we were in the realm of fine-crystalline gypsum.

District, "Lake" - in the most distant and hidden corners of the earth's interior intricate mazes gone, and eyes prying eyes opened a fantastic picture of the underworld. Here, in the palaces of stone thousands of years they serve incorruptible guard - stone-idols.

PBL "Spider" - difficult work of cavers underground. The study of caves sometimes lasts for many months, so the cavers have to arrange their own cavities in the inside base camps.

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